Social Media Analysis

Brand Image Analysis

Knowing what attitudes are associated with your business identity will allow you to focus on marketing campaigns, change the way you deal with customers, or even give an advantageous twist to your company, among many other applications.

Product reports

Getting feedback on these aspects can determine the acceptance or rejection of services or even entire production lines. Let your customers themselves help in the process of creating a custom product.

Analysis of smear campaigns

It is enough to be on the horizon of public opinion to be the target of numerous campaigns of personal or corporate discredit. At Human Trends we detect such flows of discredit and get to the root of the problem.

Analysis of disinformation campaigns

Where does a certain flow of false information come from? What community is it focused on? What narrative is being used? Knowing these questions allows us to obtain a broad vision of the current environment and of which are the power entities that try to modify our perspective of reality.

Advice on political campaigns

Human Trends offers campaign advice through global trends, never focused on specific individuals. You don’t have to look at the tree to see the forest.

Structural analysis of social networks

Social networks are the field of action of several communities. Knowing their structure can help us understand the social dynamics that are generated within them.

Analysis of social dynamics

A flood of hate against a state province. The spread of an ideological current. How certain events generate organized movements. All these social phenomena leave their mark on the social media and our team is capable of detecting them, analysing them and drawing the necessary conclusions.

Network Personal Identity Analysis

Human Trends performs private analysis of your online identity, your network and the image you project in this new environment. 

AI on personal data

Applied behavior analysis

If you register data about your customers’ behavior and want to know how they can be used to improve the quality of service, we are the best option.

AI models under our principles

If your goal is to develop a predictive or classification model from personal data that you can understand and is free from social bias, we are the team you are looking for.

Hybrid model: research and analysis

Social Media Research

By combining the analysis of the data provided by the client and the social media research on their interests, an overview of the business environment is obtained. Our methodology allows us to squeeze the maximum amount of internal and external information to obtain the best results.

Analysis of personal data

The research processes, both internal and external, will be developed maintaining a constant flow of feedback between them to complete each of the explorations. It is important to know oneself in order to understand the space around us.