Analysis of personal data under a ethics code


The analyses will focus on the interpretability of the results for two reasons: the client’s understanding of the results and the explanability of the results in order to avoid bias.


Biases that may affect the model will be checked to prevent certain groups from being harmed by social dynamics of discrimination.


Only research that ensures the anonymisation of the data analysed and does not allow deanonymisation through metadata at later stages may be carried out.

High performance

Multidisciplinary team of experts with great dedication and advanced knowledge in complex systems, personal data analysis and social engineering


Research and analysis adapted to your needs

How is your company perceived in social media? What is the range of influence of your activity? Is there a smear campaign against your brand? Where do the flows of disinformation that affect you come from?

What knowledge can you gain from your customers’ behaviour? Is there an ethical way to increase profits?

The research, data collection and analysis is carried out under the consultation criteria.


Our multidisciplinary team approaches research and data analysis tasks from computer science, physics and social engineering. Our methodology: a combination of the data mining cycle with the intelligence analysis cycle.

Data Mining 85%
Analysis of complex systems 95%
Social Engineering 90%
Analysis of personal data 95%


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